Fluke 5500A Multi-Product Calibrator
These instruments can produce or measure LETHAL VOLTAGES at their terminals. Test should only be performed by qualified technicians.

Caution: These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. Testing should
only be performed by qualified technicians

View Error Codes
for this device
Error codeDefinition
0No Error
1Error queue overflow
100Inguard not responding (send)
101Inguard not responding (recv)
102Lost sync with inguard
103Invalid guard xing command
104Hardware relay trip occurred
105Inguard got impatient
106A/D fell asleep
107Inguard watchdog timeout
2015725A ROM failure
2025725A RAM failure
2035725A EEPROM failure
2045725A data bus failure
2055725A CLAMPS circuit failure
2065725A HVCLR circuit failure
2075725A DAC failure
2085725A watchdog timer fault
2095725A I heatsink too hot
210Output tripped to standby
2115725A compliance V exceeded
2125725A compliance V exceeded
2135725A +400V did not shut off
2145725A -400V did not shut off
2155725A V heatsink too hot
2165725A V heatsink too hot
2175725A +400V supply too small
2185725A +400V supply too large
2195725A -400V supply too large
2205725A -400V supply too small
2215725A +400V supply overI
222Output tripped to standby
2235725A -400V supply overI
224Output tripped to standby
2255725A fan not working
2265725A CLAMPS fault
227Output tripped to standby
2285725A software TRAP
2295725A cable was off
2305725A RESET
2315725A guard-crossing timeout
2325725A illegal command
2335725A non-maskable interrupt
2345725A HVCLEAR tripped
235Output tripped to standby
300Invalid procedure number
301No such step in procedure
302Can't change that while busy
303Can't begin/resume cal there
304Wrong unit for reference
305Entered value out of bounds
306Not waiting for a reference
307Continue command ignored
308Cal constant outside limits
309Cal try to null failed
310Sequence failed during cal
311A/D measurement failed
312Invalid cal step parameter
313Cal switch must be ENABLED
314Divide by zero encountered
315Must be in OPER at this step
316Open thermocouple for RJ cal
400Encoder not responding VERS
401Encoder not responding COMM
402Encoder not responding STAT
403Encoder self-test failed
404Queue from 5725A full
405Message over display R side
406Unmappable character #%d [%d is an ASCII character]
407Encoder did not reset
408Encoder got invalid command
500Internal state error
501Invalid keyword or choice
502Harmonic must be 1 - 50
503Frequency must be >= 0
504AC magnitude must be > 0
505impedance must be >= 0
506Function not available
507Value not available
508Cannot enter watts by itself
509Output exceeds user limits
510Duty cycle must be 1.0-99.0
511Power factor must be 0.0-1.0
512Can't select that field now
513Edit digit out of range
514Can't switch edit field now
515Not editing output now
516dBm works only for sine ACV
517Freq too high for non-sine
518Value outside locked range
519Must specify an output unit
520Can't do two freqs at once
521Can't source 3 values at once
522Temp must be degrees C or F
523Can't do that now
524Can't turn on the boost
525Can't turn off the boost
526Limit too small or large
527No changes except RESET now
5285725A went away while in use
529Cannot edit to or from 0 Hz
530Bad state image - not loaded
531TC offset limited to +/-500 C
532Can't go to STBY in Meas TC
533Can't set an offset now
534Can't lock this range
535Can't set phase or PF now
536Can't set wave now
537Can't set harmonic now
538Can't change duty cycle now
539Can't change compensation now
540Current OUTPUT moved to 5725A
541TC ref must be valid TC temp
542Can't turn EARTH on now
543STA couldn't update OTD
544Can't enter W with non-sine
545Can’t edit now
546Can’t set trigger to that now
547Can’t set output imp. now
548Compensation is now OFF
549Period must be >= 0
550A report is already printing
551-SC option not installed
600Outguard watchdog timeout
601Power-up RAM test failed
602Power-up GPIB test failed
700Saving to NV memory failed
701NV memory invalid
702NV invalid so default loaded
703NV obsolete so default loaded
800Serial parity error %s [%s is serial port]
801Serial framing error %s [%s is serial port]
802Serial overrun error %s [%s is serial port]
803Serial characters dropped %s [%s is serial port]
900Report timeout - aborted
1000Sequence failed during diag
1001Guard xing link diag fail
1002Inguard bus r/w diag fail
1003A6 A/D comm fault
1004A6 A/D or DAC fault
1005A6 DAC fine channel fault
1006A6 DCI loop fault
1007A6 ACI loop fault
1010A6 ACV loop fault
1011A6 33 mV divider fault
1012A6 330 mV DC fault
1013A6 +3.3V DC fault
1014A6 -3.3V DC fault
1015A8 33V DC fault
1016A6 33 mV AC fault
1017A6 330 mV AC fault
1018A6 3.3V AC fault
1019A8 33V AC fault
1020A6 vloop error amp fault
1021A6 3.3V amp fault
1022A6 polarity inverter fault
1023A6 3.3V sense buffer fault
1024A6 33V sense buffer fault
1025A6 330V sense buffer fault
1026A6 1000V sense buffer fault
1027A6 trim DAC 0 ( 3.3V) fault
1028A6 trim DAC 0 ( 33V) fault
1029A6 trim DAC 1 fault
1030A8 33V DC offset fault
1031A8 330V AC low F fault
1032A8 330V AC high F fault
1033A8 330V DC fault
1034A8 1000V AC low F fault
1035A8 1000V AC high F fault
1036A8 1000V DC fault
1040A5 interface fault
1041A5 X1 input amp fault
1042A5 lo comp amp fault
1043A5 coarse ZDAC fault
1044A5 fine ZDAC fault
1045A5 inverting amp fault
1046A5 X2.45 input amp fault
1047A5 X3 input amp fault
1048A5 X13.1 input amp fault
1049A5 input leakage fault
1050A5 offset comp fault
1051A5 input voltage detect fault
1052A5 12.75 ohm reference fault
1053A5 33.25 ohm reference fault
1054A5 100 ohm reference fault
1055A5 325 ohm reference fault
1056A5 1 kohm reference fault
1057A5 3.25 kohm reference fault
1058A5 10 kohm reference fault
1059A5 33 kohm reference fault
1060A5 100 kohm reference fault
1061A5 325 kohm reference fault
1062A5 1 Mohm reference fault
1063A5 2W comp open ckt fault
1064A5 2W comp fault
1065A7 Shunt amp fault ( 2.2A)
1066A7 Shunt amp fault ( 3.3 mA)
1067A7 Shunt amp fault (33 mA)
1068A7 Shunt amp fault (330 mA)
1069A7 Shunt amp fault (11A)
1070A7 Leakage current fault
1071A7 Output amp leakage fault
1072A7 Undercurrent fault +3.3 mA
1073A7 Overcurrent fault +3.3 mA
1074A7 Undercurrent fault -3.3 mA
1075A7 Overcurrent fault -3.3 mA
1076A7 Undercurrent fault +33 mA
1077A7 Overcurrent fault +33 mA
1078A7 Undercurrent fault -33 mA
1079A7 Overcurrent fault -33 mA
1082A7 Undercurrent fault +330 mA
1083A7 Overcurrent fault +330 mA
1080A7 Undercurrent fault -330 mA
1081A7 Overcurrent fault -330 mA
1086A7 Undercurrent fault +2.2A
1087A7 Overcurrent fault +2.2A
1084A7 Undercurrent fault -2.2A
1085A7 Overcurrent fault -2.2A
1088A7 Aux amp fault
1089A7 Monitor fault ( +DC)
1090A7 Monitor fault ( -DC)
1200Sequence name too long
1201Sequence RAM table full
1202Sequence name table full
1300Bad syntax
1301Unknown command
1302Bad parameter count
1303Bad keyword
1304Bad parameter type
1305Bad parameter unit
1306Bad parameter value
1307488.2 I/O deadlock
1308488.2 interrupted query
1309488.2 unterminated command
1310488.2 query after indefinite response
1311Invalid from GPIB interface
1312Invalid from serial interface
1313Service only
1314Parameter too long
1315Invalid device trigger
1316Device trigger recursion
1317Serial buffer full
1318Bad number
1319Service command failed
1320Bad binary number
1321Bad binary block
1322Bad character
1323Bad decimal number
1324Exponent magnitude too large
1325Bad hexadecimal block
1326Bad hexadecimal number
1328Bad octal number
1329Too many characters
1330Bad string
1331OPER not allowed while error pending
1500Compliance voltage exceeded
1501Shunt amp over or underload
1502Heat sink too hot
1503Output current lim exceeded
1504Input V or A limit exceeded
1600OPM transition error
1601TC measurement failure
1800Unknown boost command
1801BX not responding
65535Unknown error %d [%d is unknown error number]

Fluke 5500A Multi-Product Calibrator

The 5500A from Fluke is a bench top, multifunction calibrator for calibrating 3½ to 4½ digit instruments. It can source direct voltage and current, alternating voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, thermocouples and RTDs. It can simulate ac and dc power by generating voltage and current on separate terminals simultaneously. It can also measure thermocouple temperature. Options include scope calibration to 600MHz.

Common Failures

  • Misapplication of voltage or current — The 5500A can be damaged by sourcing voltage into any output or by applying excessive voltage/current into the capacitance or resistance functions.
  • Electro Static Discharge — Care should be taken when working in environments of low humidity or where carpet, furniture, or garments can generate static electricity. The 5500A is a complex electronic instrument manufactured with modern electronic components. These can be more sensitive to electro static discharge (ESD) than older generations of equipment. A discharge may also not apparently affect the instrument instantly. Failures can occur sometime later with no apparent cause.
  • Poor Maintenance — Over time or in dusty working environments dust and debris can build up on the filter and inside the unit. This can increase internal operation temperatures affecting reliability. It can also create leakage paths that affect calibration stability and operation accuracy. In the worst cases stray leakage caused by dust in the 5500A can cause uncontrolled high voltage conduction within the instrument resulting in and significant damage.

Test Instructions

These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. Testing should only be performed by qualified technicians.

Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service. Please include any information available about failures and what function the instrument was in prior to failure.

Testing Steps

  • If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction.
  • Power up the 5500A and run instrument self tests and then pseudo cal from the utilities menu. If a failure occurs, note the error number/description and contact us. There are often multiple errors but the test will only provide the first.
  • If self tests pass, run cal zero from the calibration menu. If a failure occurs again note the error number/description and contact us.
  • For any functional or calibration errors not detected by the self test and cal operations, contact us for repair.