Wavetek/Datron 4920 AC Measurement Standard
These instruments can produce or measure LETHAL VOLTAGES at their terminals. Test should only be performed by qualified technicians.

Caution: These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. Testing should
only be performed by qualified technicians

View Error Codes
for this device
Error codeDefinition
Fatal System errors
9000System Kernel Fault
9001Run Time System Error
9002Unexpected Exception
9005Serial Interface Fault
9099Undefined Fatal Error
List of Execution Errors
1000No Execution Error
1001No Test in Cal Mode
1002Resume test not allowed
1003Cal Switch disabled
1004Cal Mode not enabled
1005Set nominal not allowed
1006Invalid range/function
1007Invalid Numeric Data
1008No DCPOS Ref value
1009No DCNEG Ref value
1010No DCRMS Ref value
1011No Cal in Millivolt Mode
1012No Millivolt in Cal Mode
1013No Millivolt Gain value
1014mV Option not fitted
Device-Dependent Messages: Normal and Calibration Operations
Normal Operation
2000No Device Error in List
2006Invalid Calstore Read
2009Invalid Serial Data
2010Corrupt Datarec Value
2011DCPOS Invalid
2012DCNEG Invalid
2013DCPOS!DCNEG Mismatch
2015Spot Frequency Invalid
2016mV Gain Error
Calibration Invalldltles
2001Invalid Gain Cal
2002Invalid HF Trim Cal
2003Invalid Flatness Cal
2004Invalid Linearity Cal
2005Invalid Frequency Cal
2007Invalid Calstore Write
2008Invalid Cal Arithmetic
2014Spot Cal Table Full
Serial Loop Initialization
3028Chip Test AC Pre-amp
3029Chip Test AC RMS Control
3030Chip Test A-to-D DAC
3031Chip Test A-to-D Switch
3032Chip Test Avto-D Tester
3033Serial Loop Failure
Calibration Illegalities
3001Illegal Cal Exercise
3002Illegal Special Cal Step
3003Illegal Cal Update
3004Illegal Calstore Access
3005Illegal Calstore Clear
3006Illegal Calstore Func
3007Illegal Calstore Range
3008Illegal Calstore Length
3009Illegal Clock Destinatn
3010Illegal Clock Reading
3011Illegal Clock Setting
3012Illegal Clock Access
3013Illegal Measure Phase
3014Illegal Scale Index
3015Illegal Flatness Value
3016Illegal Linearity Value
3017Illegal HF Correction
3018Illegal Gain Correction
3024Illegal Test Stage
3025Illegal Test Store
3026Illegal Test Polarity
3027Illegal Engine Op-Code
3034Illegal Operation
3035Illegal Parameter
Device-Dependent Messages: Selftest Operations Error Messages
4000Stuck Key.
4001Dig Power Supplies
4002Battery Voltage
4003ROM Bitsums.
4004RAM ReadIWrite.
4005CAL Integrity.
Digital Communication
4006Serial Loop Config.
Analog-to-Dlgltal Conversion
4007A-to-D Zero.
4008A-to-D +15V Supply.
4009A-to-D -15V Supply.
4010A-to-D Gain.
4011A-to-D Linearity +.
4012A-to-D Linearity -.
4013A-to-D +l1V Supply.
4014A-to-D -19V Supply.
High Accuracy ACV Conditioning
4015AC Preamp Xl Zero.
4016AC Preamp X3 Zero.
4017AC 1 V Gain, DC Pos.
4018AC IV Gain, DC Neg.
4019AC Preamp X3 Gain.
4021AC 100V Attenuator.
4022AC 1kV Attenuator.
Frequency and Overload
4023AC Freq Counter.
4024AC Overload Detect.
4025AC Overload Switch.
High Accuracy RMS Conversion
4026AC HF Path Detect.
4027AC RMS Converter.
4028AC RMS Track.
4029AC RMS Hold.
4030AC Quasi-Sine.
4031AC Measurement.
4032Not Used.
4033AC 10Hz Filter.
4034Not Used.
4035AC RMS Linearity.
Wide Band O-A Conversion
4036WB Power.
4037WB DAC +ve Zero.
4038WB DAC -ve Zero.
4039WB DAC +ve Full Scl.
4040WB DAC -ve Full Scl.
4041WB DAC +3.5V.
4042WB DAC -3.5V.
Wide Band Chopper Action
4043WB DC Switch -ve.
4044WB DC Switch -ve.
Wide Band Thermal Conversion
4045WB TTU DC 3.5V.
4046WB TTU DC l.OV.
4049Not Used.
4050WB Cal Validity.

Wavetek/Datron 4920 AC Measurement Standard

The 4920 from Wavetek/Datron is a very high performance, bench top alternating voltage measurement standard. It is a direct reading, fully automated measurement instrument with low uncertainties. It covers a range from 90mV to 1100V and a frequency range of 10Hz to 1MHz. A milivolt amplifier option is available for the 4920 to extend voltage measurement down to 900uV. A wideband voltage option is also available for the 4920 with coverage to 50MHz.

Common Failures

  • Misapplication of voltage - The 4920 can be damaged when voltages greater than 3.5V RMS are applied to the wideband inputs or when greater than 30V is applied to the mV input.
  • Age - Very old instruments can suffer from age related failures caused by normal deterioration of components and assemblies over time.

Test Instructions

These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. Testing should only be performed by qualified technicians.

Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service. Please include any information available about failures and what function the instrument was in prior to failure.

Test Steps

  • If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction.
  • Power up the 4920. The instrument runs through the full self test automatically. If a failure occurs, note the error number/description and contact us. There are often multiple errors. Report as many as you reasonably can.
  • For any functional or calibration errors not detected by the self test and cal operations, contact us for repair.