Fluke 5700A and 5720A Multi-Product Calibrator
These instruments can produce or measure LETHAL VOLTAGES at their terminals. Test should only be performed by qualified technicians.

Caution: These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. Testing should
only be performed by qualified technicians

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Error codeDefinition
HiRes Oscillator/Low Current Errors
2700A7: 8255 Control Word
2701A7: 8255 Port a Fault
2702A7: 8255 Port B Fault
2703A7: 8255 Port C Fault
2705A7: Oven Regulation Fault
2706A7: Current Compliance Fault
2707A7: Hardware Initialization Fault
2709A7: Current Magnitude Fault
2710A7: Dummy Load Current Fault
2711Assembly A7 Is Not Responding
2712A7: Hi-Res Clock Fault
2713A7: Hi-Res Loop In 100Hz Range
2714A7: Hi-res Loop In 1kHz Range
2715A7: Hi-res Loop In 10kHz Range
2716A7: Hi-res Loop In 100kHz Range
2717A7: Hi-res Loop In 1MHz Range
2718Fault In Setting Up AC For Diagnostics
2719A7: 8255 Was Reset
DAC Errors
2800A11: 8255 Control Word
2801A11: 8255 Port a Wires
2802A11: 8255 Port B Data Bus
2803A11: 8254 Status Words
2804A11: DAC Heaters Not Regulated
28055700 Not Warmed Up
2806A11: ADC Amp Output Noise
2807A11: ADC Amp Output Offset
2808A11: ADC Amp Gain Error
2809A11: DAC Monitoring Fault
2810A11: +11V DC Range Fault
2811A11: -11V DC Range Fault
2812A11: +22V DC Range Fault
2813A11: -22V DC Range Fault
2814A11: 6.5V Buffered Reference Fault
2815A11: 6.5V Reference Fault
2816A11: 13V Buffered Reference Fault
2817A11: 13V Reference Fault
2818Assembly A11 Missing
2819A11: 8255 Was Reset
2820A11: Fine Adjust Channel Fault
2821A8/A11: +11/22V DC Zero Estimate Fault
2822A8/A11: -11/22V DC Zero Estimate Fault
2823A11: Couldn't Estimate +11V Or 22V Gain
2824A11: Couldn't Estimate 6.5 MHz Or 13 MHz Ref
2825A11: Couldn't Est 6.5V Or 13V Buf Ref
2826A11: A/D Overload Fault
High Voltage/High Current Errors
3100A14: 8255 Control Word
3101A14: 8255 Port a Fault
3102A14: 8255 Port B Fault
3103A14: 8255 Port C Fault
3104A15: HV Oven Regulation Fault
3105A15: HV I Oven Regulation Fault
3106A15: DC HV Amp Noise Fault
3107A15: DC HV Amp Offset Fault
3108A15: DC HV Amp Gain Fault
3109A15: HV +DC Preamplifier Fault
3110A15: HV +DC Series Pass & Current Fault
3111A15: HV +DC High Voltage Output Fault
3112A15: HV +DC Ref/error Amplitude Fault
3113A15: HV -DC Preamplifier Fault
3114A15: HV -DC Series Pass & Current Fault
3115A15: HV -DC High Voltage Output Fault
3116A15: HV -DC Reference/error Amp Fault
3117A14/A15: HV +DC Current Error Amp Fault
3118A14/A15: HV -DC Current Error Amp Fault
3119A14/A15: HV +DC Current Abs. Value
3120A14/A15: HV -DC Current Abs. Value
3122A14/A15: HV AC 1kHz, Preamp (Lo)
3123A14/A15: HV AC 1kHz, Preamp (Mid)
3124A14/A15: HV AC 1kHz, Preamp (Hi)
3125A14/A15: HV AC 100Hz, Preamp (Lo)
3126A14/A15: HV AC 100Hz, Preamp Fault
3127A14/A15: HV AC 100Hz, Preamp (Hi)
3128A14/A15: HV AC 1kHz, Output (Lo)
3129A14/A15: HV AC 1kHz, Output (Mid)
3130A14/A15: HV AC 1kHz, Output (Hi)
3131A14/A15: HV AC 100Hz, Output (Lo)
3132A14/A15: HV AC 100Hz, Output (Mid)
3133A14/A15: HV AC 100Hz, Output (Hi)
3135Assembly A14 Not Responding
3136A14: 8255 Was Reset
3137A14/A15/A16: 2.2A AC Range Mag. Fault
3138A14/A15/A16: 2.2A AC Range Compliance
3139A14/A15/A16: 2.2A AC Range Amplitude
3140A14/A15/A16: 2.2A AC Range Abs. Value
3141A14/A15/A16: 2.2A DC Range Dummy Load
3142A14/A15/A16: 2.2A DC Range Compliance
3143A14/A15/A16: 2.2A DC Range Magnitude
Resistance Errors
3300A9: 8255 Control Word
3301A9: 8255 Port a Fault
3302A9: 8255 Port B Fault
3303A9: 8255 Port C Fault
3304A9: 10V Source Fault
3305A9: 5V Source Fault
3306A9: 2V Source Fault
3308A9: Diff Amp Offset Fault
3309A9: Diff Amp Gain Fault
3310A9: Diff Amp Noise Fault
3311A9/A10: Ohms 10:1 Divider Fault
3312A9/A10: Ohms 1:1 Divider Fault
3313A9/A10: 10 Kilohm Diagnostic Fault
3314A9/A10: 19 Kilohm Cal Diag Fault
3315A9/A10: 10 Ohm Cal Diag Fault
3316A9/A10: 19 Ohm Cal Diag Fault
3317A9/A10: 100 Kilohm Ratio Fault
3318A9/A10: 190 Kilohm Ratio Fault
3319A9/A10: 1M Ohm Ratio Fault
3320A9/A10: 1.9M Ohm Ratio Fault
3321A9/A10: 10M Ohm Ratio Fault
3322A9/A10: 19M Ohm Ratio 1
3323A9/A10: 19M Ohm Ratio 2
3324A9/A10: 100M Ohm Ratio Fault
3325A9/A10: 10 Kilohm Check Fault
3326A9/A10: 19 Kilohm Check Fault
3327A9/A10: 1 Kilohm Check Fault
3328A9/A10: 1.9 Kilohm Check Fault
3329A9/A10: 100 Ohm Check Fault
3330A9/A10: 190 Ohm Check Fault
3331A9/A10: 10 Ohm Check Fault
3332A9/A10: 19 Ohm Check Fault
3333A9/A10: 1 Ohm Check Fault
3334A9/A10: 1.9 Ohm Check Fault
3335A9/A10: Ohms Short Check Fault
3336A9/A10: 2 Wire Compensation Fault
3337A9/A10: Ohms Correction Factor Fault
3338Assembly A9 Not Responding
3339A9: 8255 Was Reset
3340A9/A10: 100 Ohm Cal Diag Fault
3341A9/A10: 190 Ohm Cal Diag Fault
AC Errors
3400A12: 8255 Control Word
3401A12: 8255 Port A
3402A12: 8255 Port B
3403A12: 8255 Port C
3404A13: 8255 Control Word
3405A13: 8255 Port A
3406A13: 8255 Port B
3407A13: 8255 Port C
3408A13: Fixed Ampl. Osc Fault
3409A13: Phase Lock Loop Fault
3410A12/A13: 22V Amp Bias Adj Error
3411A12/A13: 22V Amp Nonfunctional
3412A12 To A13 Interface Fault
3413A12/A13: 14 Bit DAC Nonfunctional
3414A12/A13: Nonlinear Control Loop 2vrng
3415A12/A13: Nonlinear Control Loop 20vrng
3416A12/A13: DAC 15th Bit Fault
3417A12: DC Sensor Buffer Fault
3418A12: Sensor Loop/SQ. Root Amp Fault
3419A12: AC Sensor Buff (2V Range)
3420A12: AC Sensor Buff (20V Range)
3421A12: AC Cal Sensor (2V Range)
3422A12: AC Cal Sensor (20V Range)
3423Assembly A12 Missing
3424Assembly A13 Missing
3425Assembly A12 Or A13 Not Responding
3426A12: 8255 Was Reset
3427A13: 8255 Was Reset
Power Amplifier Errors
3500A16: 8255 Control Word
3501A16: 8255 Port A
3502A16: 8255 Port B
3503A16: 8255 Port C
3507A16: PA Supplies Are Off
3508A16/A14: 220V AC Range Output Fault
3509A16: Amplifier Loop Not Regulated
3510A16: 220V Amp Fault
3511A16: Incorrect PA Input
3520A16: PA Oven Regulation Fault
3521Assembly A16 Is Not Responding
3524A16: Power Amp Is Too Hot
3525220V DC Initialization Fault
3526220V AC Initialization Fault
3527A16: Power Amp DC Cal Network Zero Fault
3528A16: Power Amp DC Cal Network Gain Fault
3529A16: Power Amp 220V Range Attenuator Fault
3530A16: 8255 Was Reset
Filter/Guard Crossing Regulator Errors
3600+17S Supply Fault
3601-17S Supply Fault
3602+15S Supply Fault
3603-15S Supply Fault
3604+42S Supply Fault
3605-42S Supply Fault
3606LH Com Ground Fault
3607-5lH Supply Fault
3608+5rLH Supply Fault
3609+8RLH Supply Fault
3610+PA Supply Fault
3611-PA Supply Fault
3612+15 OSC Supply Fault
3613-15 OSC Supply Fault
3614OSC Com Ground Fault
3615S Com Ground Fault
Rear Panel Errors
3700A21: 8255 Control Word
3701A21: 8255 Port A Fault
3702A21: 8255 Port B Fault
3703A21: 8255 Port C Fault
3704Assembly A21 Not Responding
3705A21: Rear Panel Data Bus Fault
3708A21: 8255 Was Reset
Switch Matrix Errors
3800A8: 8255 Control Word
3801A8: 8255 Port A Fault
3802A8: 8255 Port B Fault
3803A8: 8255 Port C Fault
3804A8: Zero Amp Lo Noise Fault
3805A8: Zero Amp Lo Offset
3806A8: Zero Amp Lo Gain Fault
3807A8: Zero Amp Hi Noise Fault
3808A8: Zero Amp Hi Offset
3809A8: Zero Amp Hi Gain Fault
3810A8: 2.2V Amp Noise Fault
3811A8: Zero Amp Offset
3812A8: 2.2V Gain Fault
3813A8: 220mV Offset Fault
3814A8: 220mV Divider Fault
3815A8: 22mV Divider Fault
3818A8: Out Lo To Sense Lo Continuity Fault
3819A8: Relay Fault
3824A8: Oven Regulation Fault
3826A8: 8255 Was Reset
Option /03 Wideband Errors
3900A5: 8255 Control Word
3901A5: 8255 Port A Fault
3902A5: 8255 Port B Fault
3903A5: 8255 Port C Fault
3904Optional Assemblies A5/A6 Are Missing
3905A6: Phase Lock Loop At 10MHz
3906A6: Phase Lock Loop At 30MHz
3907A5: Rms Sensor At 10MHz
3908A5: Rms Sensor At 30MHz
3909A5: Rms Sensor At 6.5V DC In
3910A5/A6: Ampl. Control At 10MHz
3911A5/A6: Ampl. Control At 30MHz
3912A5/A6: Output Offset At 10MHz
3913A5/A6: Output Offset At 30MHz
3914A5: 0DB Output Attenuation Fault
3915A5: 10DB Output Attenuation Fault
3916A5: 20DB Output Attenuation Fault
3917A5: 30DB Output Attenuation Fault
3918A5: 40DB Output Attenuation Fault
3922A5/A6: Wideband Initialization Fault
3923A5: 8255 Was Reset

Fluke 5700A and 5720A Multi-Product Calibrator

The 5700A and 5720A from Fluke are high performance bench top, multifunction calibrators for calibrating 7½ and 8½ digit instruments. They can source direct voltage and current, alternating voltage and current, and resistance. A wide band voltage option is available with coverage to 30MHz.

Common Failures

  • Misapplication of voltage or current — The 5700A and 5720A can be damaged by sourcing voltage to any output terminal or by applying excessive voltage/current into resistance function.
  • Poor Maintenance — Over time or in dusty working environments dust and debris can build up on the filter and inside the unit. This can increase internal operation temperatures affecting reliability. It can also create leakage paths that affect calibration stability and operation accuracy. In the worst cases stray leakage caused by dust in the 5700A or 5720A can cause uncontrolled high voltage conduction within the instrument resulting in and significant damage.
  • Age — Very old instruments can suffer from age related failures caused by normal deterioration of components and assemblies over time.

Test Instructions

These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. Testing should only be performed by qualified technicians.

Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service. Please include any information available about failures and what function the instrument was in prior to failure.

Testing Steps

  • If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction.
  • Power up the 5700A or 5720A and run instrument self diag from the utilities menu. If a failure occurs, note the error number/description and contact us. There are often multiple errors. Report as many as you reasonably can.
  • If self tests pass, run cal zero from the calibration menu. If a failure occurs again note the error number/description and contact us.
  • If zero cal passes, run cal check from the calibration menu. If a failure occurs again note the error number/description and contact us. If the unit has been calibrated within the last two calendar years and there is a large calibration shift reported, this can be considered a failure as well.
  • For any functional or calibration errors not detected by the self test and cal operations, contact us for repair.